Roskilde FestivalLoke on Roskilde



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There's no time like the first time
Rain Rain Rain.
Metallica, Dream Syndicate (replaced the Cult the rainy friday night), Erling Erlang og Trio (DK).

Elvis Costello present
'87 Click for Larger Image Robert Cray, Iggy Pop, Los Lobos were funny on sunday, That Petrol Emotion, Throwing tomatos at Europe.
The Cult! Destroying their instruments!
'88 Click for Larger Image Bying tickets to Sting's extra concert - and selling them with loss 10 minutes after...
INXS, Jesus and Mary Chain, Disneyland After Dark (DK), The Pouges (great sunday concert).
Georgia Sattelites, litteraly playing until they pulled the plug.
'89 Click for Larger Image Joe Cocker (cutting my finger badly, and had to go to the infermery after the concert).
Stray Cats, Disneyland After Dark (DK), Little Steven.
OTO falling into a campfire, getting badly burned.

Elvis Costello present
'90 Click for Larger Image Bob Dylan!
Cure (Robert Smith actually laughed and smiled), Midnight Oil, Galaxie 500, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Her Personal Pain (DK), Faith No More.
2nd Lowpoint of all times: I was so drunk to Soundgarden, that I can't remember a thing.

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Rain Rain Rain
Iron Maiden, Lush, Simple Minds, Soup Dragons (while it lasted)
Loosing our tent to the storm friday night - going without sleep the rest of the festival.
Looking at eachother sunday afternoon - looking at Paul Simon - heading for the exit without saying a word.

Elvis Costello present
'92 Click for Larger Image James, being extremely drunk to Megadeth, Pearl Jam.
Nirvana disappointed.
'93 Click for Larger Image Neil Young, Midnight Oil, Bad Religion, Suicidal Tendencies, Therapy?. 1st Lowpoint of all times: Leaving in the middle of Motörhead to see Velvet Underground
'94 Click for Larger Image Rage Against the Machine, ZZ Top was funny, Rollins Band, Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic.

Elvis Costello present
'95 Click for Larger Image Biohazard, C.V. Jørgensen (DK), Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

Elvis Costello very present
'96 Click for Larger Image Sex Pistols (while it lasted), Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Bleeder (DK), De Skrigende Halse (DK), Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, Fear Factory.
'98 Click for Larger Image Slayer, Paradise Lost.
3rd Lowpoint of all times: Got drunk - passed out - missed Black Sabbath!
'99 Suede, Suede and Suede.
4th Lowpoint of all times: Got drunk - passed out - missed Metalica (spotting a trend here?)!
'00 Bush, Iron Maiden.

In the memory of 9 young lives lost in front of the canopy. R.I.P.!
'01 Tool, Neil Young, Queens of the Stoneage.

'02 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Roben & Knud (DK), bob hund, Cooper Temple Clause, The White Stripes

'03 Metallica, Iron Maiden, Fu Manchu, The Datsuns, Queens of the Stoneage

'05 Sonic Youth, Audioslave, Black Sabbath, Green Day
- Breakfast with Brett

The list is compiled from memory. Some years may be wrong, and a lot is left out/forgotten.

I hate Elvis Costello!