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MGG (Master Ghosts Guild) on the Europa Shard
Last updated 16.11.99

The Master Ghosts Guild was originally formed on the Catskills shard in 1997. It moved to Europa when the shard was launched. The only guild charter is, that only members who are used to dying alot, is accepted.

16.11.99 Grandmaster Blacksmith - At last!

Months of smithing finally payed off.
The Grandmaster Blacksmith is celebrating the new title with a little fireworks. Too bad that the other MGG members were unable to attend

16.10.99 Non-Magic Hunting trip

We wanted to see, if it was possible to figth without he use of offensive magic. The only spells used where Heal and Cure
Yggdrasil and Coll is gloating at the fresh Demon corpse. Coll is flagged agressor to Yggdrasil due to a short fight over the loot.
Yggdrasil and Coll with a Drake corpse.


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